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Oh the tween years – those years between the ages of 10 and 12 where our daughters are no longer “babies” but also not quite a teenager.  These years are the years where girls start seeing themselves and their friends differently.  They are starting to get more concerned with their looks, their friends, boys and where they fit into it all. 

I remember my tweens – they were filled with awkward photos, bad hair cuts and a want to be in the “poplar” group of girls.  I never really felt like I knew or was happy with who I was.  I know it sounds sad but the tween years are hard and I remember that in these years I often asked myself the following question…

Who Am I?
This got me thinking – I want to help these girls – girls like me who are “tweens” who are trying to figure it all out and I know that as moms, we are always wanting to feel like we are doing something great for our kids – in this case our daughters- because we want to show them that we love them just the way they are!  I can’t think of a better way to do that then to celebrate their their natural beauty, intelligence and just their unique personality as a whole with their very own Photoshoot! 

To make this dream a reality, I recently put out a model call looking for a group of tween girls who would be interested in participating in a themed tween Photoshoot and MAN did they not disappoint!

If you are a momma looking to boost your tween daughters confidence and celebrate her beauty and intelligence click here!  SLP Tween sessions are all inclusive and have the option to add hair/light natural makeup!  To make these sessions even more fun you can add your daughters best friends to the session for a small fee which makes these a perfect birthday party idea! 

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