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There is a HUGE problem happening every single day and it has to stop!  Moms (and/or Dads) need to be in front of the camera. Period.  Very often moms are the ones taking the photos and not normally in them.  Our kids WANT and NEED to see us in photos with them through out their lives.  I hate to break it to you but selfies don’t count!  Photos are not only fun to take but they are so important for your kids to have these tangible memories to look back on in the future.
So this got me thinking – what gives???  Why are moms refusing to have family photos taken??  I mean we should be celebrating motherhood and documenting how amazing we are as moms, but often we don’t!  I started to think back to conversations I’ve had with friends and other moms about getting annual family photos done and more frequently then I would care to admit I hear excuses about why they haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  Normally, I hear that they just “need to lose 10 more pounds” or  “tone up” a little more before they will get photos taken.
Did you know that every time you complain you’re not skinny enough or that you will get photos taken when you lose that final 5 or 10 lbs that there is a good chance your kids are listening? We all try our hardest to keep those comments away from sensitive ears but it’s impossible be perfect and every last one of those comments you make become comments your kids start saying to themselves.  As parents it’s our job to show our kids how to be proud of how they look and remind them to embrace how strong, smart and beautiful they are inside and out!
This is my why – why I love photography, why I am passionate about having family photos taken and why I want to be YOUR photographer!  We ALL have things we want and sometimes NEED to improve upon but don’t let that stop you from documenting your family and life!
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