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So, the last blog for this MVP blog challenge was on challenge and I was so excited that I had been keeping up with a blog every week and that I was giving you guys more of an insight into my life and who I am.  It was right after posting that and moving into our new house that I fell off of the proverbial “blog wagon”! I feel terrible!

Well, I’m back! So, this blog is all about GOALS. I have always loved goals but I’ve always felt they are so much easier to meet when you actually write them out. In the past I have been a stickler about goals and have always managed to meet them quickly but lately I have put the goals on hold because I have had so much going on!  With the holidays coming up I know that I need to be organized if I want to accomplish everything on my list!

Here are some of my FALL goals – in no particular order:

-Finish unpacking and organizing our new house

-Attend the Tulsa State Fair 

-Read a book or three

-Get family photos taken with the amazing Madison from Madison Vining Photography

-Get Christmas shopping done early

-Potty Train Miss E  and throw her the coolest BALLOON POP birthday a 2 year old could ask for!

What are your goals this fall?


Until next time…

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